After School Releases Comeback MV for “First Love”

After School makes their comeback today with their sixth maxi single and have released the music video for their title track “First Love.”

It has been about a year since the group released their “Flashback” single in June 2012. This time the girls comeback with a pole dancing concept.

Having gone though drumming and tap dancing in the past, After School has once again surprised fans with a unique and difficult concept. The girls definitely needed to gain strength and stamina to gracefully hold themselves up.

The song was produced by Brave Brothers, same producer behind their 2009 breakout hit “Because of You.” Other songs on their new single include “8 Hot Girl,” “Dressing Room,” “Time’s Up,” “Love Beat,” “Cried While Doing Makeup.”

Check out their first live performance of the song from M!Countdown last night.