Defconn Opens Up About Separating Idols From the “Singer” Category

As the idol culture becomes stronger in Korea, more people are voicing their opinions to whether idols deserve to be called singers.

On June 11, a press conference was held for MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol.” Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, who are emcees of the variety show, attended the event. The hot topic of idols and their relationship with the word “singer” was brought up during the interview and hip-hop artist Defconn shared his opinion on the matter.

“Idols are the envy of people in their teens and are able to represent the thoughts of the youth. So, I wonder if it’s really necessary to separate idols from singers.”

He continued, “It’s not like someone can separate the musicians based on their music qualities. I’d rather think that it takes talent to naturally build up and lead the cultural trend. I think that there’s no need to separate them into different levels. They’re all people who create and show music.”

He also shared his thoughts on the program, “I didn’t imagine that we would reach a hundred episodes. I just started the program without much thought, but the staff members were awesome so I was able to stick with the show. I met a great partner in Jung Hyung Don and it changed my life. This program gave me such great presents.”