Akdong Musician Show that YG Keeps a Watchful Eye Everywhere

Have you ever wondered what the YG family sees right before and after they relieve themselves?

On June 12, the production crew from SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment” followed Akdong Musician into YG Entertainment’s headquarters for an interview.

Fans of YG family already know that the company has big portraits of the artists lined up on the walls. Akdong Musician shared, “Our picture will soon be up too” as they neared Se7en’s portrait. They give him a salute as he’s currently serving in the military.

Although they showed the crew around the building, what drew the “Midnight TV Entertainment” staff’s attention is the drawing in front of the bathroom. It has the founder and CEO Yang Hyun Suk front and center with the word “Bo$$” drawn. It serves as a perfect reminder that the boss is always watching.

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