Singer Song Dae Hyun: “I Took My Wife’s Money to Play at an Internet Cafe”

Song Dae Hyun, who made his debut in 1995 with rave group R.ef, talked about how he stole his wife’s wallet in order to hang out with his friends.

On June 13, KBS’s variety program “Happy Together” aired an episode where Song Dae Hyun appeared as one of the guests. He said, “In the past when I didn’t have an income, I took $10 from my wife’s wallet so I can play with my friends at an internet cafe. But, I got caught.”

He continued, “My wife asked angrily, ‘Did you steal my money yesterday?’ Even though she accused me, I just couldn’t return her the money. I just put up with her nagging and went to the internet cafe. After that incident, I decided that I need to make my own money to spend.”

Meanwhile, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon also appeared on this episode and talked about how he spends money when he’s dating.

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