After School’s Jung Ah Clears Up Dating Rumors with SHINee’s Onew

After School‘s leader, Jung Ah, confirmed her friendship with SHINee‘s Onew through a press conference.

On June 13 After School had their comeback showcase for “First Love.” During the show case Jung Ah told the press, “Onew and I are not awkward with each other after dating rumors were started when we were photographed together in Apugujeong. It’s not awkward because I see him as a younger brother after knowing him for so long. We are still friendly and comfortable with each other.”

In March the two were photographed looking like they were on a date, sparking dating rumors. Both of their agencies denied that they were dating. 

Jung Ah and the other members of After School just revealed the music video for “First Love.” Onew has been confirmed as a cast member for an upcoming sitcom.