Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Looks Gorgeous in Recent Bed Selca

Recently on an online community bulletin board, two photos were uploaded under the title “Tiffany’s UFO Town profile photo changed.”

In the released pictures, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany is looking up at the camera. She appears to be on a bed and is wearing a tank top with flower pattern. With her flawless skin and adorable facial expressions, Tiffany looks irresistible in these selcas.

Netizens that saw these photos admired, “She looks so innocent and beautiful,” “Sexy bed selcas,” and “I want to see more of Tiffany.”

Meanwhile, Tiffany, who can speak fluent English, met up with actor Brad Pitt recently for an exclusive interview for “Midnight TV Entertainment.” The interview took place at Gyeongbok palace, and it was aired on June 12, 2013.