Jang Dong Gun, Girls’ Generation and Other Celebs Lose Legal Battle, Plan to Make Appeal

On June 13, the chief prosecuting attorney at the Seoul Central District Court informed that the legal case against Mr. Kim, the director of an ophthalmic clinic, regarding using pictures of sixteen celebrities including Jang Dong Gun, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica, and Kim Nam Gil, has been ruled in the defendant’s favor.

The chief prosecuting attorney stated, “Director Kim didn’t use the pictures himself, but it was done by someone else. Regarding the misuse of celebrity photos, there is no evidence that it is Director Kim.”

UAM agency, who is in charge of the case, stated, “We will definitely make an appeal.” Regarding the portrait rights, the agency said, “It’s a legal issue, so we can’t make a comment.”

Meanwhile, the agencies of the celebrities sued Director Kim for 160 million won (about 160,000 USD) in January 2013 previously made a comment. “The main objective of using celebrity pictures on portal sites is to advertise the clinic.”