INFINITE’s Hoya Bought His Parents a House for Parents’ Day

The members of INFINITE appeared as special guests on the most recent filming of KBS’s “Mamma Mia.” During the show, the members surprised everyone by revealing the gifts they gave to their parents.

Hoya stated, “I bought them a house for Parents’ Day.” When the astonished emcees asked the members how much allowance they give to their parents, Sung Yeol answered, “I gave them a credit card,” while Sung Gyu stated, “I give them 150,000 Won (approximately 1300 USD) every month.”

This episode of “Mamma Mia” will be aired on June 16 at 5pm (KST).

Meanwhile, INFINITE, who had great success with its latest mini-album “New Challenge,” recently announced at a press conference that the group will be having a world tour this year.