Recent Sighting of Yoon Hoo After the Anti-Cafe Scandal

Child star Yoon Hoo, who received a lot of love through MBC’s “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” and attention through the anti-cafe scandal, has recently been spotted and looks older than just a couple months prior.

On June 12, an online community bulletin posted a picture of the guy under the title “Yoon Hoo’s most recent appearance.”

Inside the picture, he is looking back at the camera as he poses on his bike. He looks much taller and thinner compared to the couple screen shots provided on the right, which was taken during the beginning of the show’s broadcast back in January this year. Many people are surprised by how much he has changed in just six months.

Some of the netizens commented, “Yoon Hoo’s recent appearance.. when did he get so big?” “Will we not be able to see his chubby face anymore?” “He’s going to be handsome when he grows up!”

yoon hoo