Uee Talks About Her First Love

Uee from After School talked about her first love for a showcase! The showcase was held on June 13 to commemorate the release of their sixth maxi single album, “First Love.” Uee was asked about her first love which is also the title of the new song!

Uee stated, “There was a person that I liked by myself. I continued to like him myself and even though of confessing my feelings. However, now that I think about it he had a girlfriend. I remember crying because I was so sad. That is why if you watch the music video you will see me crying. I think at that time I was angry.”

The title song “First Love” is a collaboration between After School and Brave Brother. The two of them worked together for After School’s “Because of You.”

Recently After School made their comeback with “First Love” on M Countdown


Uee pole dance 2 Uee Pole Dance