Nine Muses Sues Kyung Ri’s Twitter Harasser

Nine MusesKyung Ri is taking legal action against the Netizen who had been harassing her with obscene comments on her Twitter.

A representative of Nine Muses said in a statement, “On June 13 we sued the Netizen who had been harassing Kyung Ri with obscene comments.”

The netizen had repeatedly left sexual comments on Kyung Ri’s twitter. Even when she responded back writing, “Please come to your senses,” the comments did not stop.

Kyung Ri’s agency, Star Empire, gave the Netizen a strong warning. “We are demanding that he cease his sexual and malicious comments against Nine Muses’ Kyungri, and delete all comments. We also demand that he make an official apology in person and in public. If he does not meet our demand, we will sue.” 

Despite the warning, the Netizen continued his malicious comments. Star Empire will sue the Twitter user and Nine Muses will end their music show performances to give Kyung Ri some time off. 

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