Baek Ji Young Shares First Selca Since Getting Married

Newlywed and soon-to-be mom Baek Ji Young shared her most recent selca after her wedding. 

On June 14 the singer wrote on her Twitter, “My friend Noah’s bracelet. I couldn’t upload the picture with something stuck in my teeth. Noah fighting.” She also shared a picture wearing a hat and glasses while she shows off her bracelet. 

This is the first selca she shared since she was married to Jung Suk Won on June 2 at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul. The couple plans on going to a honeymoon in Las Vegas in July.

Baek Ji Young also had a special good bye performance on June 14. She performed songs such as “That Girl” and “Like Being Hit by a Bullet.” Baek Ji Young stated, “This performance will be my last one without a promise.” Then she performed “Don’t Forget Me” before she left.