SISTAR Members Don’t Want to Become Idols If They Were Born Again

On the recent episode of KBS’s “Celebrity News,” which was aired on June 15, girl group SISTAR appeared for “Guerrilla Date” and met various fans on the street.

During an interview, the members were asked, “If you were born again, would you want to be part of a girl group again?” All the members answered without hesitation, “No.”

Hyorin stated, “If I were born again, I would like to be a member of a boy group. I think it would be better.” Soyu then added, “If I were born again as a man, I would most likely have an awesome body.”

Hyorin continued, “It is not that I am unable to go to public places. I can’t help but choose not to go.” Soyu also explained, “In between albums, we can’t wait to get on the stage. But when we don’t have a busy schedule, we feel restless and empty.”

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