Taecyeon Cast for Main Role of Upcoming Drama “Who Are You”

Wow! Congratulations to 2PM’s Taecyon! He has been cast for the upcoming tvN ghost melodrama titled “Who Are You.” The drama will begin broadcasting at the end of July. Taecyeon is cast as the main character “Cha Geon Woo.” Cha Geon Woo is a police officer that only believes in the things he can touch or see.

The drama is about “Si Ohn” a female who was in a coma for 6 years. After she wakes up she has the ability to see spirits. The story revolves around her and “Cha Geon Woo.”

Taecyeon has appeared in dramas such as “Dream High” and “Cinderella Sister.” Currently 2PM ended their Korean activities on June 16. They will be holding a concert in Korea on June 21 and 22.