Stellar’s Hyo Eun Picks Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan as Her Ideal Type

On the recent episode of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2,” which aired on June 17, groups Shinhwa and girl group Stellar appeared as special guests.

During the show, Stellar’s Hyo Eun confessed that Kim Dong Wan is her ideal type. When the shocked MCs mentioned the age difference of 14 years, Hyo Eun replied, “But nowadays, age means nothing.”

Jun Jin then further embarrassed Kim Dong Wan by stating, “I expect that Kim Dong Wan will be getting married first among us.” The rest of the Shinhwa members started to chant, “You should date her!”

Meanwhile on this episode, Hyo Eun chose Jun Jin as the most likely to be sneaky. She added, “I think Kim Dong Wan looks untainted and pure. He has an innocent smile.”