Actor Yoon Si Yoon Prefers Uee Over Lee Hyori

On the recent episode of SBS’s “Barefoot Friends,” which was aired on June 16, the members and Lee Hyori went camping to Jiri Mountain.

During the episode when Kim Hyun Joong asked to pick between Uee and Lee Hyori as an ideal type, actor Yoon Shi Yoon chose Uee without hesitation. Kim Hyun Joong stated that Lee Hyori was his type.

Kim Hyun Joong also asked Yoon Shi Yoon about his last relationship. Yoon Shi Yoon asnwered, “It has been well over a year since I had a girlfriend.” When Kim Hyun Joong asked if he still loved his last girlfriend, Yoon Shi Yoon explained, “No. I just hope she is happy.”

Kim Hyun Joong then teased Yoon Shi Yoon as he said, “It’s that female celebrity, right?” Yoon Shi Yoon pleaded jokingly, “I really hope they make sure to put a caption that says that my last girlfriend was not a celebrity.”

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