“Super Star K” Season 4 Contestant Kye Bum Soo to Make Debut with “Ceiling” Feat. Baechigi’s Moowoong

Super Star K” season four contestant Kye Bum Soo will be making his official debut and released the teaser for his debut single, “The Ceiling,” featuring Baechigi‘s Moowoong through the official LOEN Entertainment Youtube channel. 

Kye Bum Soo has been performing underground with the name “NuSoul” and produced tracks for Block B, NU’EST, Rainbow, Jang Woo Hyuk, and After School. He will break into the mainstream market as a singer with “The Ceiling.” The song was produced by Kye Bum Soo and is a mixture of R&B and jazz. The song also featured Moowoong from the hip hop duo Baechigi. The music video will star NU’EST’s Aron and actress Kim Hee Jung

“The Ceiling” will be released on June 20.