MBLAQ’s Mir Used to Have Man Boobs as a Boy

On a recent episode of KBS’s “Mamma Mia,” which aired on June 16, MBLAQ’s Mir and his mother appeared as special guests.

When MC Park Mi Sun mentioned the rumor that Mir used to be obese and shy as a boy, the opposite of how he is now, Mir’s mother stated, “He used to have breasts bigger than Lee Young Ja‘s.” Lee Young Ja is the fellow MC of “Mamma Mia.”

Lee Young Ja protested humorously, “But mine aren’t that big; they are standard average size. It’s not fair,” while Park Mi Sun joked, “Lee Young Ja has wide breasts, but they are not big.”

Then, Mir’s childhood photo was shown, revealing Mir looking a bit chubby and adorable. Mir’s mother added, “Mir was a lot chubbier than he looks in this photo.”

Netizens who saw this episode commented, “I was so surprised to see Mir’s photo,” “He must’ve worked out and dieted very hard,” and “I think Mir looked handsome even as a boy.”