After School’s Jung Ah and Ga Eun Are Very Comfortable on the Pole

Recently, a behind-the-scene footage of After School’s new music video “First Love” is receiving a lot of attention.

In the captured image, members Jung Ah and Ga Eun are resting on the dancing poles. Ga Eun is gazing at the camera as she smiles adorably, while Jung Ah appears to be eating cookies.

What surprised the fans the most was the fact that both Jung Ah and Ga Eun look very comfortable staying on the poles using only their legs to support themselves.

Netizens who saw this photo admired, “I saw their performance, and it was amazing,” “I saw their bruises on a show, and I know Lizzy was seriously injured. I applaud their effort and dedication,” and “How is that possible?”

Meanwhile, After School is currently promoting its new song, “First Love.” You can view the music video here, where After School shows off their amazing pole dancing skills.