SISTAR’s Dasom Takes Some “Healing Time”

Recently on the official SISTAR Twitter on June 18, Dasom uploaded two photos of herself along with a message, “This is the healing time for SISTAR’s Dasom, who is having a lot of fun with ‘Give It To Me!’ Good night!”

In the pictures, Dasom shows off her beauty. In one photo, she is holding a coffee cup to her lips, while in the other picture, she is gazing at the camera with a smile. Despite the fact that she is not wearing much makeup, Dasom still looks naturally gorgeous.

Netizens who saw Dasom’s selcas admired, “She has such pale and flawless skin,” “She looks prettier without makeup,” and “I think this natural look is better for Dasom.”

Meanwhile, SISTAR is currently promoting its new hit, “Give It To Me.”

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