Kim Ye Rim Releases Sultry Music Video for “All Right”

Lim Kim (full name: Kim Yae Rim) has made her solo debut and released the music video for “All Right” through the official CJ E&M Youtube channel.

Lim Kim was originally in the “Super Star K” duo Two Months, until Do Dae Yoon decided to go back to the states to finish his high school education. while Two Months were popular during and after the show, going solo allowed Lim Kim to experiment with different types of music and style. 

The music video shows Lim Kim in a sexier and more mature look than the innocent girl next door image she was known for before. The music video also reveals some of the choreography for the song. “All Right” is the main track from her debut mini album “A Voice.” The song was produced by Yoon Jong Shin. You can check out the tracklist and other photos here