Sweet Sorrow Hits the Dance Floor with “Can’t Resist” Music Video Teaser

Vocal group Sweet Sorrow will be making their comeback and released the teaser to the music video “Can’t Resist” through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel.

“Can’t Resist” is from their upcoming fourth album, “2013 Summer Viva,”  and was written and composed by Sung Jin Hwan. The song is about a hot, sun-drenched outdoor music concert. The teaser starts off with a smiling elderly man with the caption, “I used to play a bit when I was younger” and then “Like this is the last time.” The teaser then goes to the old man and the members of Sweet Sorrow dancing like there is no tomorrow in a club full of beautiful women. 

“2013 Summer Viva” and the full music video for “Can’t Resist” will be released on June 27. Sweet Sorrow will also be holding a concert from July 5 to 7 at Seoul Olympic Park.