IU’s July Comeback Might Be Postponed

IU, who had previously announced that she would be making her comeback this July, might have to postpone her activities as a singer due to her busy filming schedule.

On June 18, IU’s agency LOEN Entertainment reported to OSEN news, “Although we have been making preparation’s for IU’s comeback in July, we still have yet to set an exact date. We’ve made considerable progress on IU’s upcoming album, but there’s still a high likelihood of postponing its release. Instead, fans may be able to see IU pursuing more activities as an actress.”

IU’s current drama, “Lee Soon Shin is the Best” is scheduled to run through the month of August and runs in conflicts with her July comeback plans. IU’s next album will also feature veteran artist Choi Baek Ho in a track written by guitarist Park Joo Won.

In related news, Dynamic Duo, 2NE1, Infinite, John Park, JYJ’s Xia and Ailee are scheduled to make their respective comebacks in the month of July as well.