AA(Double A)’s Joo Won Leaves Group and Will Be Replaced by Two New Members

Idol group AA(Double A)’s Joo Won announced that he will leave the group to pursue his acting carrer.

A representative of Double A’s agency, Well Made Star M, said in a statement on June 17, “Joo Won has left Double A to change his career from a singer to an actor. He will promote as an actor from now on. It was always his dream and passion to be an actor. To receive the approval from the other members, they spent a long time discussing the issue. He wil remain at Well Made Star M, and they will all support each other.”

Double A debuted in 2011 with “So Crazy.” Two new members will replace Joo Woon to make Double A into a six membered group. The four current members are Aoora, Kimchi, Hoik, and Woosang

Double A will be releasing an album soon in the summer but as an homage to Joowon, the group has released a track- “2nite 3x“- off their upcoming album in the format of a music video. You can watch it below.