Lee Hyori Shows Off Sexy Body Through Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

The reigning queen of Lee Hyori is certainly sizzling! Recently she appeared in a Cosmopolitan photoshoot that took place at South Korea’s Jeju Island. The photos from the Cosmopolitan photoshoto were released today on June 19. The concept of the photoshoot was “retro summer.” Lee Hyori is shown in a swimming suit, with roller blades, with a skateboard, and in surf gear.

Also, today on June 19 Lee Hyori’s “Going Crazy” music video was released. It was the follow up track to “Bad Girls” from her “Monochrome” album. The interesting fact is that Lee Hyori dressed up in a black suit and mustache to portray a man.

Lee Hyori has a nice history of doing sexy photoshoots for Cosmopolitan. That is why we have created a gallery showing these photos for your viewing pleasure, enjoy! 

lee hyori 3

lee hyori 2

lee hyori 1