Kangta to Appear on “I Live by Myself”

Wow, awesome news for fans of Kangta (from the legendary K-Pop group H.O.T.) He will be joining the MBC variety show “I Live by Myself.” According to the production team of MBC, Kangta finished recording as a new member of the rainbow group.

The production team added, “We have been interested in Kangta since we began the program. We were looking for a character that was different and that is why we decided to go with Kangta. We will show you the true side of 30-something year old ‘Ahn Chil Hyun’ (Kangta’s real name) as opposed to his star image.”

On the June 18 recording for the show, Kangta’s home located in Seoul was revealed. This will be Kangta’s only other appearance in a variety show as a regular member besides Mnet’s “Voice of Korea.”