Dal Shabet Wants You to Look at Their Legs for “Be Ambitious” Music Video

Girl group Dal Shabet as made their comeback and released the music video with English subtitles for “Be Ambitious” through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube channel.

“Be Ambitious” was composed by Nam Ki Sang, who has worked with Dal Shabet before for “Love Shake.” He also composed Girl’s Day‘s “Expectation.” For this song he worked with Lim Kwang Wook who wrote songs for SHINee and EXO. The song is about a girl who is cutely asking her boyfriend to be ambitious and make the first move. She especially wants him to pay attention to her pretty legs. 

The music video shows the song’s eye-catching dance moves as the members show off their legs. The video also shows each member trying to get the attention of a guy in different scenarios.