4minute Looks Sexy for “Singles”

Wow 4minute is not only heating up music charts, they are also heating up magazines! Recently a photoshoot was revealed of 4minute appearing in the fashion magazine “Singles.” The photoshoot was revealed on June 19. It showed the 4minute members looking very sexy.

For the interview, HyunA was asked about the direction of 4minute’s music. She stated, “I don’t think that there exists a thing that only 4minute can do, that the public wants from us. Even when we go up on stage with the same song, we always try to perform it in a different way.”

Gayoon explained the music direction a bit more, “Although we do ‘listening music,’ I would like for us to be good at ‘visual music.’ We want to do a concert that shows a true performance. Instead of being a typical artist that does fashion, makeup, and performance that everyone wants to copy.”

4minute’s photoshoot and interview for “Singles” can be seen in their July edition.