Lee Juk Talks About Narrating “Dad Where Are You Going?”

In South Korea, “Dad Where Are You Going?” is one of the most popular TV shows that is airing. The different celebrity sons and daughters have completely captivated the minds and hearts of the Korean populace. Recently, the singer Lee Juk spoke about his thoughts on narrating for the popular TV show.

Lee Juk tweeted on June 20, “For the past few days I was filming Mnet’s ‘Broadcast Enemy’ and now I am on my way back home after narrating for ‘Dad Where Are You Going.’ I feel like I have been healed somehow. Soon I feel like my personality will become split. Now I am going to focus only on music.”

Netizens that came across the tweet stated, “Wow Lee Juk must have such a confusing time,” “Lee Juk has unexpected charm,” and “Lee Juk is so much fun, fighting!”