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Kim Soo Ro has been rushed into the emergency room due to a sudden injury.

On the episode of “Real Men” that aired on June 16, the cast members went through an intense training session.

Initially, Kim Soo Ro did not participate due to his previous shoulder injury. However, at the sight of his fellow soldiers going through the hard training, he could not bear to sit out and eventually joined them.

Kim Soo Ro’s shoulder injury even prevented him from raising his hand above his head but he still participated the training. While he was squatting down, he felt intense pain and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Upon examination, the doctor stated, “He needs to get surgery. There are serious punctures and inflammation. It is very critical.”

On June 19, the actor updated his fans through Twitter by posting, “I don’t know how to say it but I’m about 80% recovered,” and “Articles keep being published as opposed to my intentions. Although I want to receive surgery as quickly as possible, I need to match my doctor’s schedule too. This isn’t an emergency operation. I just need to receive physical therapy and it won’t set me back that much from my schedule.”

He also said, “A few days ago, after the broadcast ended, I only focused on recovering,” and “I visited several hospitals. My body is in good shape now. I’m sleeping well too so please don’t worry too much.”

Kim Soo Ro finally added, “When I go back to the army, I’m sure they’ll give me a job that won’t require using my shoulders a lot,” and “I won’t sit out anymore. If it weren’t for my shoulders, I would’ve worked so hard. I’ve been stressed about not being able to join the intense training so I’m getting headaches. I’ll take care of my body from now on,” as he continued to show great fervor for the popular reality show.

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