On June 19, 2PM released the Grand Edition to their 3rd album, “Grown,” in which they revealed their self-composed and written tracks. Photos that represent each members’ track have also been released.

Wooyoung‘s “This Is Love” image shows the 2PM member’s soft smile, which suits the warm love song that Wooyoung composed and wrote for the first time.

2pm grand edition taec

Taecyeon‘s self-composed and written “Traicion” image shows a strong tango move. Taecyeon’s strong yet sad eyes represent a man in pain.

2pm grand edition chansung

Chansung‘s “Perfume” image shows him laying on the ground with red rose petals scattered. The warm sunlight on his body and his softly closed eyes represent a man in longing.

2pm grand edition junk

Jun.K‘s “True Swag” image shows just that– swag. His casual pose yet intense gaze while surrounded by bare mannequins, boomboxes and LP records creates that certain atmosphere.

2pm grand edition nichkhun

Nichkhun sports a white suit and sits in front of a piano for his self-composed and written “Let It Rain.” In the falling rain, Nichkhun lifts his head underneath a red umbrella, which gives both a happy and sad feeling at the same time.

2pm grand edition junho

Junho‘s self-composed and written “I’m In Love” image reveals the artist in a chic and sophisticated way.

The “Grown” Grand Edition consists of ten new tracks that all of the 2PM members took part in composing and/or writing. These solo tracks will be performed by each of the members on June 21 and June 22 at their concert.

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