Comedian Lim Joon Hyuk Criticizes MBLAQ and Then Apologizes

Comedian Lim Joon Hyuk apologized about some comments he recently made about MBLAQ.

Recently on June 5, the comedian posted some thoughts that seemed like complaints about MBLAQ’s attitude while filming his corner “Rising Star” on the gag program, “People Searching for Smile.”

He posted, “After starting my corner ‘Rising Star,’ today’s filming was the most difficult. Today, I realized that the 2PM members really tried hard. Today, [MBLAQ] were saying, ‘I can’t do this. I can’t do that’ all the way until filming actually started. I don’t know if they didn’t hear us when we asked them to practice together or if they heard it and forgot. Such super stars they are, huh… G.O worked really hard and well though. This is purely my personal opinion. If anyone sees this, please only criticize me and not anyone else.”

Afterwards, Lim Joon Hyuk deleted this post and apologized.

On June 20, Lim Joon Hyuk posted, “This is gagman Lim Joon Hyuk. I’m posting this because I think I’ve caused a misunderstanding due to my post about MBLAQ.”

He continued, “On the day of the filming, the MBLAQ members came to the set despite their busy schedules,” and “There were difficulties in trying to memorize the script and working together in the very short time that was given but the rehearsal went very well. Even during the actual filming, there were no NGs.”

He said, “I think comedy is something that always leaves you wanting more even after filming ends,” and “After the filming was over, I came home and posted some of the things I felt on Facebook. I meant to share what I felt could’ve been done better in a subjective and humorous way.” He ended with, “From now on, I will try to be more careful with my word selection.”

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