Big Bang Releases Special Collection of Behind the Scenes Footage of Their Music Videos

This will be a must have for any Big Bang fans! The hot idol group will be releasing a special collection of their best making of videos from 2006 to 2012. 

This “Big Bang Best M/V Making Film Collection 2006~2012” shows all the behind the scenes footage of their best music videos since their debut in 2006. Fans will be able to see what went on behind the camera for some of their favorite music videos for songs such as “Lies,” “Haru Haru,” Tonight,” and “Monster.” This two disc set will also show videos for their solo work such as “Heartbreaker” and “Crayon.” 

The pre-sale starts from June 20 to June 27, and the official release date will be June 28. You can pre-order his collection the YG Entertainment shop and the eBay store