Chrisette Michele Says 15& Member Baek Yerin’s “Like A Dream” Cover Brought Tears to Her Eyes

U.S. singer Chrisette Michele recently praised 15& member Baek Yerin for her rendition of “Like A Dream.”

On June 13, Chrisette Michele gave an interview with Daum Music and shared, “I recently watched 15& member Baek Yerin sing ‘Like A Dream’ online. Although she looked as young as 15 years old, I could not believe how much she sounded like me. When I saw her perform, I started to cry like a baby.” The song was originally sung by Chrisette Michele and is from her debut album, “I Am,” that was released back in 2007. 

She went on to send a video message to Baek Yerin saying, “I was moved to tears when I watched a clip of you singing. I even shared it on my twitter page because I wanted my mother to see it as well. I’m sure there are a lot of people who have been impressed by your performance as well. Thank you for showing your sincerity and your heart.”

JYP Entertainment also shared the praise 15& had received stating, “It seems that Chrisette Michele was deeply moved by Baek Yerin’s singing. When she shared it on twitter, it received a lot of interest. She even thanked Baek Yerin with a video message. We hope to always produce good music in the future as well for 15&.”

In related news, Chrisette Michele released her newest album “Better” on June 10.