Secret’s Sunhwa Still Keeps in Touch With Kwanghee But the Feelings Aren’t the Same

Secret member Sunhwa recently talk about her “We Got Married” husband, ZE:A member Kwanghee

On June 19, Sunhwa made a guest appearance on “Weekly Idol,” where MCs asked about whether she still kept in touch with Kwanghee. She replied, “Yes, I keep in touch with him.” The pair had recently wrapped up their last episode together as a pretend couple living the married life for about 8 months. 

When the MCs asked Han Sunhwa if she felt anything for Kwanghee while recording “We Got Married,” she answered, “A lot of those excited feelings from before have disappeared now.”

Netizens who saw the broadcast commented, “Aww, Sunhwa and Kwanghee were so perfect for each other though! I’m still sad that ‘We Got Married’ let those two go,” “What if they start dating for real?” and “I liked to watch ‘We Got Married’ the most when those two were on the show.”