[Exclusive] Video Interview with C-CLOWN Members and “Shaking Heart” Album Giveaway!

Hi Soompiers!

Soompi got the amazing opportunity to meet C-CLOWN during an interview. The six boys, who just wrapped up promotions for their third mini-album “Shaking Heart,” kindly answered our questions, often with witty answers! Members were all pretty excited by the little game we prepared for them, and didn’t hesitate to dish on other members! What you’ve always wanted to know about C-CLOWN, who tends to look at girls most, which member thinks of himself as the best looking, or who’s an SNS addict, you’ll get all the answers watching this interview! Now check out the interview to find out what C-CLOWN has to say to international fans, striking aegyo from the members, and much more!

Here is the interview, and don’t forget to turn on the captions for English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles!

Additionally, Soompi is giving out twenty C-CLOWN “Shaking Heart” autographed CDs!

The contest will be running for ten days, starting today (June 24th to July 3rd). We will be announcing the winners in the article throughout the contest duration so make sure to come back and take a look!!

To enter the contest all you have to do is:

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IMPORTANT: Please note that we will contact you through Twitter if you’re one of the lucky winners, so don’t forget to check your mentions! You will need to get back to us in the next 24 hours after our message!

Good luck everyone!

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  • 6/24: @emiliesherbet & @ryuwook
  • 6/25: @akyore & @jkunah
  • 6/26: @shiningtaomint & @blingbum88
  • 6/27: @SpiritOf_Moon & @Scarlett9209
  • 6/28: @YowllyN & @CClown120719
  • 6/29: @tinkerbellola & @ayasumilina 
  • 6/30: @prettyaegyo & @piyuffie
  • 7/01: @Andreea_Sg & @crownrowlow
  • 7/02: @syaraadiba & @pororay
  • 7/03: @sharpestme & @rometalia
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