Yoon Do Hyun Band Disbanded Because Of Member Conflicts

Singer Yoon Do Hyun recently revealed the reasons for his band’s disbandment.

On the episode of MBC’s “Knee Drop Guru” that was aired on June 20, Yoon Do Hyun stated, “Although we disbanded for a variety of different reasons, there were conflicts among the members. In my dictionary, there is no such thing as switching out members. If we were going to switch out members, I said that I would just quit making music.” 

He continued, “After our last performance, I went to my hometown and raised a dog. Then we regrouped after three months. I was told to start again after the addition of a new guitarist. So guitarist Heo Jun came into the group as the guitarist. During our last performance, we told our fans that we would come back some day. The fans must have been surprised when we came back only after three months.”