Nicole Makes Sexy Transformation With Tattoo

KARA Nicole‘s tattoo has recently become a hot topic of interest online.

On June 22, the singer shared a photo on Twitter with the caption, “Are you guys ready? You’ll be captivated by my performance. VMAJ red carpet.”

In the photo, Nicole surprises fans with her sexy, smoky-eye makeup and platinum blonde hair. What caught the attention of netizens however, was the ever so subtly drawn tattoo along the collarbone. 

Netizens who saw the tweet commented, “In the time we haven’t seen Nicole, she’s become so sexy!”, “Wow, a tattoo? Nicole’s sexiness just went up!” and “Wow, Nicole’s tattoo is causing a sensation online.” 

In related news, Nicole will be performing her solo “Lost” for the MTV Japan “Video Music Awards Japan 2013” on June 22.