New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 June Week 4

Girl’s Day Vol. 1 Repackage – Female President (June 25)

062313_Girl's Day_newalbumsandsinglespreview

01 Girl’s Day World
02 Female President
04 I Don’t Mind
05 Easy Go
06 Don’t Trust Her
07 White Day
08 What To Do
09 Twinkle Twinkle
10 Hold Me Just Once
11 Oh! My God!
12 Don’t Forget Me
13 Female President INST

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Girl’s Day releases their first repackaged album, “Female President” this summer. This thirteen track album includes the titular, “Female President.” It is a catchy song about girls who no longer wait for the boys to confess their love. Instead, they take the initiative.

Roy Kim Vol. 1 – Love, Love, Love (June 25)


01 1. Intro (My Forest)
02 Listen to this Song
03 Spring Spring Spring
04 Saying I Love You
05 Love, Love, Love
06 Grandfather and Camera
07 Don’t Have a Clue
08 Just Follow Me
09 12 O’Clock

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Superstar K4’s Roy Kim finally releases his debut album, “Love Love Love.” It is known that the artist wrote all the songs in this album. The title track is “Love Love Love,” a track with a cheerful melody that anyone can easily hum to. Roy Kim’s album is expected to comfort listeners who are bored or annoyed with life.

2PM Vol. 3 – Grown: Grand ED. (June 25)



01 A.D.T.O.Y
02 Listen to This Song and Come Back
03 Starting Point
04 I’m Sorry
05 Day One From Today
06 Dangerous
07 Just One Day
08 Game Over
09 Coming Down
10 Go Back
11 Love Song
12 Suddenly


01 Traicion
02 I’m in Love
03 This is Love
04 Perfume
05 Let it Rain
06 True Swag
07 It’s Time (Feat. San E, Yubin)
08 Just a Feeling
09 Love U Down
10 Call My Name

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2PM releases a “Grand Edition” of their third album, “Grown.” This two disc album consists of songs from their third album as well as ten solo tracks sung by individual members. Taecyeon sings two solo tracks, “Traicion” and “It’s Time,” while Junho sings “I’m in Love” and “Just a Feeling.” Jun.K sings “True Swag” while Chansung sings “Perfume” and Love U Down.” Last but not least, Nickhkhun sings “Let it Rain” while Wooyoung sings, “This is Love.”


YB Vol. 9 – Reel Impulse (June 25)


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YB makes a comeback after four years and three months with their ninth full-length album, “Reel Impulse.” As the album title track suggests, all the songs in this album were recorded using analog reel tapes. Each song was recorded using the “one take” method.

A-Prince – Mambo (June 25)


01 Mambo
02 I Love You
03 My Lady
04 Hello (Japanese Ver)
05 Mambo INST
06 I Love You INST
07 My Lady INST

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Five princes, A-Prince, releases a mini-album titled, “Mambo” this summer. The title track is of the same name and you can hear the mambo melody in the intro. This bright and sweet number dance track is expected to capture listeners’ ears this season.

Kim Ye Lim – A Voice (released)


01 Number 1
02 Coloring
03 Carol’s Word Games
04 All Right
05 Don’t Even Know It Well

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Twogaewol’s Kim Ye Rim finally releases her first mini-album, “A Voice.” There five songs in this album showcase the different colors of her voice. The title track is “All Right,” a Yoon Jong Shin production. The song holds lyrics about the complicated mind of a girl who has just broken up with a lover. Other songs included in the album are previously released “Number 1” and “Coloring.”

Koyote (single) – Marry Me (released)


01 Marry Me

Koyote makes a comeback with a new single, “Marry Me.” As the title suggests, this song holds lyrics about lovers who meet and love. Shinji and Kim Jong Min’s vocals blend well with Bbaeka’s rap.

Ulala Session (single) –Fertilizer (released)


01 Fertilizer

Ulala Session pre-releases single, “Fertilizer” in midst of a new mini-album which will be out in stores on the 27th of June. The song holds lyrics about giving hope to others. Member, Park Seung Il is responsible for composing and penning the song.

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