Lee Jong Hyuk Gives Suzy a Love Call to Work Together

Lee Jong Hyuk recently revealed his interest in working with rising star and miss A member, Suzy

On June 23, Lee Jong Hyuk made a guest appearance on MBC‘s “Section TV: Entertainment Talk.” When asked by the reporter to pick an actor he would like to work with, he answered, “Suzy.” The reporter went on to say, “Suzy would feel happy after hearing that” to which Lee Jong Hyuk added, “If Suzy likes the idea, I can try to play a role that’s fit for Suzy.”

Netizens who read about Lee Jong Hyuk’s love call for Suzy commented, “Suzy is definitely hot right now” and “He should have given a more serious answer than that.”

In related news, actor Lee Jong Hyuk is currently filming drama “Cyrano: Dating Agency” as well as variety program, “Dad, Where Are You Going?