2PM's Chansung Rolls onto the Red Carpet

2PM‘s Chansung was confirmed as the final casting for the 2013 romantic comedy “Red Carpet,” alongside actors Yoon Kye Sang, Go Joon Hee, Oh Jeong Se, and Jo Dal Hwan.

red carpet romantic comedy

The movie “Red Carpet” had everything ready to go: Director Park Bum Soo worked together with CINE ZOO and Nuri Pictures to cast Yoon Kye Sang, Go Joon Hee, Oh Jeong Se, and Jo Dal Hwan. They had even hired all the extras and were waiting on one last person to get the show on the road: The Crank.

The Crank originally refers to the crank on the film reel used to actually shoot the movie. In this case, the Crank became a metaphor for the filming process — everything else was ready to go, but they needed to find one last part before filming could begin.

“Red Carpet” follows the romance budding between a man who directed erotic movies for ten years and a woman who used to be a child actor twenty years ago. As you might predict, there’s a lot of eroticism (?) involved, but all in all the movie sums up to a good old fashioned romantic comedy.

As “Red Carpet” continues to gather its all-star cast, it’s gathering to blow a typhoon of excitement for the latter half of the year. 

As the lead, Yoon Kye Sang acted in such films as “Lovers of 6 Years,” “Beastie Boys,” and “Poongsan.” He continues to broaden his spectrum of acting, gaining more experience with which to pave his successful career. Yoon Kye Sang will be playing the ten-year director of erotic movies, Jung Woo.

Ero-movie director Jung Woo dreams of one day being able to write his own scripts and become a respectable director. Then he is struck by a thunderbolt: the beautiful used-to-be child actress Eun Soo (played by Go Joon Hee). In “Red Carpet,” Go Joon Hee is playing the actress Eun Soo who once used to be a child-star, twenty years ago. 

Oh Jung Se will be playing the clumsy, innocent, and energetic assistant director Jin Hwan. Jo Dal Hwan will be playing the flirty film staff member Joon Soo. 2PM’s Hwang Chansung has been cast as Dae Yun, the bright youngster of the filming crew. While Chansung has featured on TV with MBC‘s “Unstoppable High Kick” and MBC‘s “7th Grade Civil Servant,” this is his first time on the film set. His fans are growing more and more excited to see his beautiful seven-foot-tall face on the big screen, and are anticipating that this will kick-start a career well worth the wait.

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