F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki Transforms into a Writer!

F.T. Island fans rejoice! Lee Hongki transformed into a writer. In a press release on June 24, Lee Hongki gave his thoughts on releasing “Lee Hongki’s Nail Book.” He stated, “I am happy to have my first book published. I hope that many people will read the book.”

The 144 page book contains a special photoshoot, different articles, and realistic tips. Even before its publish, the book has been garnering attention from professionals and the fashion industry as well.

The book also contains episodes that Lee Hongki wanted to show fans that are titled “The story of how I am communicating with nail art fans” and “Nail art that I have decided for fans.”

The book will be released in South Korea and in Japan on July 12. There is a special and normal version. Pre-orders will begin today on June 24.