Universal Music Opens Up Savings Account for Boys Republic

Rookie idol group Boys Republic shared a warm story about their agency.

On June 21, Boys Republic held an interview with MyDaily and said, “Our agency, Universal Music, opened up savings accounts for each of the members.”

Agency reps commented on this by saying, “Setting aside business matters, this was the CEO’s surprise decision for the boys,” and “Even the employees didn’t know about this. Usually, it ends with just a contract deposit but the CEO opened up five year savings accounts under each of the members’ names so it surprised us as well.”

They continued, “In general, it usually takes rookies about one to two years to make it big and it’s hard to hope for a big profit during those times. The CEO thought about the boys’ futures in the long-term perspective and even if something bad happens, he wanted the boys to have at least a little something.”

At this kind of agency care, Boys Republic’s Sung Joon said, “One day, he suddenly asked us to bring our IDs and told us about the savings account, which really surprised us and touched us at the same time. Out of gratitude, I suddenly gave him a hug and his face turned red. It gave us great motivation to work even harder.”

Meanwhile, Boys Republic debuted with “Party Rock,” which hit the #1 spot on iTunes in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines as soon as it was released.