Ivy and Han Hyo Joo Were Roommates for Four Years Before Debut

Ivy recently shared a story of her trainee days when she was roommates with actress Han Hyo Joo!

On June 24, Ivy was a guest for “Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 o’Clock” radio show and said, “When I was a trainee, I lived with Han Hyo Joo.”

Ivy and Han Hyo Joo used to belong to the same agency at one point. However, Ivy is currently in Polaris Entertainment while Han Hyo Joo is in BH Entertainment.

Ivy shared, “Han Hyo Joo was quite a unique person. I like mainstream films while she likes indie films or art films,” and “When I watched films with her, I used to just stop watching because I couldn’t understand it.”

When she was asked if she ever thought about living witih Han Hyo Joo again, Ivy answered, “Now we have our own separate work and we made a lot of money so I don’t think that will happen.”

Previously, Ivy revealed that she and Han Hyo Joo were roommates for four years on “Strong Heart.”

During that particular episode, Ivy revealed, “I lived with Han Hyo Joo for four years before I debuted. Even when we just debuted, we watched each other on TV and gave each other a lot of advice — we were best friends.”

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