Interview With EXO Part 2: “Our Hearts Flutter When We See Girls’ Generation”

EXO gave a lot of fans nosebleeds with the first half of the interview when they confessed they had to shower together in smaller groups. They also shared about their popularity, the choreography for “Wolf” and the advantages of promoting as a group.

Interview With EXO Part 1: “We Have to Shower Together Two to Three People at a Time”


– Since there’s a lot of members, there must be a lot of fun

D.O.: “We place a lot of bets with each other. We basically place bets as part of our lifestyle. When we commute via car, we decide who sits where by rock, paper and scissor. It’s because no one really wants the back and middle seats.”

D.O.: “We have quite the fun ordering snacks. Since we have a lot of members, if we order chicken, we would order five and would have to order a large pizza in order to feel full.”

– Do the Chinese members have any difficulty with living in Korea?

Kris: “It was hard learning Korean etiquette. In China, there’s no formal speak so it was difficult to get used to. We also had to bow to our seniors. In China, we don’t look down when we bow. In Korea, you’ll have to bow even if your eyes meet.”

– You lived as idols for a year. How was it?

Suho: “There’s no freedom. But, we’re able to receive love from a lot of people so I think it’s something we can put up with. There’s also pressure about being role models after we became public figures. We’re living an exemplary life compared to our peers.”

Baekhyun: “It’s a very good feeling to be someone others look up to. We all achieved our dreams of becoming singers, but I learned the truth that there’s nothing that’s easy in this world.”

– Have your hearts fluttered at seeing Girls’ Generation in person?

Baekhyun: “Of course our hearts would flutter. We’re practically fans. Our hearts flutter when we see them on stage and when we see them outside.”

Chanyeol: “I liked them since I was a trainee. I especially liked their song ‘Oh’ and when I heard them sing the song recently at one of their concerts, I screamed my lungs out too. Because I yelled so crazily loud, other fans in the audience looked at me like they’re thinking, ‘What the heck.’ Haha.”

– You guys achieved the coveted goal of the rookie awards. What’s your next goal?

Suho: “I want us to hold a solo concert. We’re the best in Korea when it comes to teamwork. I hope that we would stick together like glue. It would be great if we would love each other, be considerate of each other and that we would all stay healthy.”

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