Monthly Underrated K-Pop Music Releases - June

It is exciting to announce the very first monthly new music releases from underrated Korean artists. The term underrated is quite a strong word and can be defined in many ways. To make it short and simple, an underrated artist is a singer who is not an idol and may be more unknown to international K-Pop music listeners compared to their home country.

First up to introduce, singer and songwriter JQ announced a new single album on June 3 that contains recollections of veteran musician Seo Taiji. The single album titled “&” (And)” is dedicated to Seo Taiji and Kids, twenty years after they debuted. The lyrics evoke emotion and nostalgia for those days. The lyrics contain Seo Taji’s popular song titles such as “I have a lot of regrets about the time when I went to school every day at 7:30 A.M. dreaming of the ocean. Back then there were a lot of romantic feelings this generation of internet wars in which we cannot understand. In the eyes of our many memories we spent a lot of mornings with brightness, than sadness or pain.” In his songs JQ expresses the childhood admiration he had for Seo Taiji’s music. 

Next up we have Snow L  who was formally a dance major studying in New York, but due to an injury she began pursuing her music career instead. She went on to star as the lead role of Carmen in the musical “Fame” and taught dance at a university.

The title track of her second single, released June 20th is “The Reason I Love.” She was the lyricist, composer, and arranger of this hop hop soul music and provided the vocals, rap, and chorus for the song. The diversity of her music shows her dynamic development. The song has the sad theme of a woman who dreams of eternal love and a man who has a change of heart. The song has also gained attention because of Jo Woon Pa, a famous songwriter who wrote popular songs such as “Mt. Chilgab,” “Empty Glass” “Song Dedicated to My Wife” and “Wings.” The second track is “I Can’t Do This” and is a mix of hip hop and electronic and is about the frustrated feelings of a woman who has lived alone for a long time. The song has a cool addictive beat and a fresh bursting chorus melody. 

Snow L’s philosophy is to live up to her name and she wants to give the world a warm hope with her music. We look forward to the day when musicians like Snow L will be recognized beyond idol and girl groups. 

Snow L – “사랑한다는 이유로” (The Reason I Love)

Snow L – “안되겠”어 (I Can’t Do This)

Other featured June releases are listed below with links to listen to their title tracks. Please look forward to next month’s underrated K-Pop releases. 

Navi – Forever and One Day More(Global We Got Married OST Part. 4) (June 3)
“Queen of Covers” Navi releases a sweet bassanova song for the global edition of We Got Married.

2Pigs – Beautiful (June 7)
Singer Rami and rookie composer Lim.G formed to make 2Pigs for this project single. The song is a catchy ballad track.

A-mi ft. Fwany – Fantasy Couple (June 7)

Brother Su – 왜 이러니 (June 7)

Jang Won Joon –너니까 그래 (June 7)

Lel – Paper Hearts (June 10)

1sagain – From You, To You (June 12)
1sagain is back after two years with a full album of 11 tracks (special 12th track available on CD only.)

Taibian – Grip (June 12)  – The duo was featured in the most recent “Under The Radar” article. 

4th Floor – Cloud (June 14)

Han SoA – 사랑에 빠졌나봐 (Maybe I’m In Love) (June 18)

Nameless – Mask (June 25)

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