Han Hye Jin Is Already Legally Married to Ki Sung Yueng, Shares Full Story & Clears Up Rumors

Actress Han Hye Jin has finally opened up about everything that the public wanted to know about her life over the past few months, especially about her love story with Ki Sung Yueng.

On June 24, Han Hye Jin stepped down from being an MC and sat down in the guest’s seat at “Healing Camp” for the show’s second year anniversary.

Han Hye Jin started off by displaying her outstanding variety program skills such as her comic dances, honest answers and witty remarks. She also shared stories of her difficult childhood as well as how she was conned by her past manager.

But of course what everyone was waiting for was her love story with Ki Sung Yueng. She shared everything from how they first met, how they started to date and how they got to decide to get married. In the end, Ki Sung Yueng surprised Han Hye Jin with a video message.

Han Hye Jin also cleared up the rumors of her double-timing her ex-boyfriend of nine years, Naul. She said, “Naul and I broke up last summer. Even before that, we grew very distant and people around us knew that we weren’t together anymore.” She continued, “At the time, I was shooting my movie and I had to do many interviews to promote the film so I couldn’t release an official statement. That is why the official news of our breakup was released at around December.” She also spoke about how Naul came to her father’s funeral. She said, “I’ve dated him for a long time and he knew about my father’s illness so of course he had to come. I am so thankful to him about that.”

Han Hye Jin continued, “I started to date Ki Sung Yueng after my father passed away,” and “Ki Sung Yueng called me right after my father passed away and while I was mourning my loss, the funeral wreath that Ki Sung Yueng sent to our family especially caught my eye.” Later on, Ki Sung Yueng also revealed, “She must have been so busy with the funeral but I was so touched that she replied to me,” and “When I confessed to her, I was so scared that she might reject me but I was so thankful that she held my hand.”

Han Hye Jin’s brother-in-law, actor Kim Kang Woo also left a video message and shared many stories about the couple.

It has also been revealed that the two lovebirds are already legally married!

On June 25, Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng registered for their marriage license after their wedding photoshoot was over.

Namoo Actors commented, “It is true that the two have gotten their marriage registration. This is because Ki Sung Yueng has to leave for England right after the wedding so they got this out of the way in advance.”

Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng will tie the knot on July 1 in a private ceremony. The two met for the first time in June of 2011 at the Doosan Asian Dream Cup. Han Hye Jin attended as a festival lady for the event. They met again when Ki Sung Yueng was a guest on “Healing Camp” in August of 2012. They started dating since January of this year and admitted that they were in a relationship in May.

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