Sandara Park Was Hurt By Uee in the Past

2NE1‘s Sandara Park shared her story of how she felt hurt by Uee in the past.

On June 25, Sandara Park was a guest on “Hwashin” and spoke about the rumor that she doesn’t like to work with Uee on broadcast.

She started off, “I was on ‘Family Outing‘ with Uee one time in the past,” and “I am an introvert and passive. And since the show’s format required everyone to spend the night, it was even harder for me,” and “It was my first time going to a variety show by myself so I was really worried. But my label mate Daesung from Big Bang was a fixed member of the show. So even CEO Yang told me, ‘Don’t worry, Daesung will take care of you.’ So I believed in them.”

Sandara continued, “At the time, all of the male members of ‘Family Outing’ really liked Uee,” and “Even Daesung, who I trusted in since he was my label mate, chose Uee over me when everyone had to pick teams. It got even harder from then.”

Sandara Park continued, “When it was time to dance, Uee did a sexy dance. At the time, I was wearing a hot dog costume while I danced so I got compared even more,” and “”I was basically almost all edited out. Even during the recording, I thought, ‘Something is not right.'”

Afterwards, Sandara admitted that she felt depressed but felt even more blue after hearing what Yang Hyun Suk had to say. “He came to me and said, ‘Don’t be too upset when you see that you’ve been edited out a lot. It’s because you weren’t very good.’ I got even more depressed when I heard that,” she admitted.

Meanwhile, the other guests of the show included Lee Hyori, CL and Lee Joon.

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