Lee Hyori and Kim Gura Make Up

Lee Hyori and Kim Gu Ra have finally made up.

According to Newsen, on June 25, SBS’ “Hwashin” featured singer Lee Hyori and comedian Kim Gu Ra.

Kim Gu Ra mentioned before that he felt uncomfortable around Lee Hyori, and because he avoided her, the two were often awkward around each other during filming. However, as soon as “Hwashin” began filming the episode, Kim Gu Ra and Lee Hyori shared a big hug.

MC Kim Hee Sun said to Kim Gu Ra, “I never knew until now that you had an innocent side.” Kim Gu Ra confessed, “I made a big mistake on an internet broadcast a while ago,” referring to some comments he made about Hyori back in 2003.

Regarding coming on the show and filming with Lee Hyori, Kim Gu Ra said, “I feel that these celebrities who are ten years younger than me, like Moon Hee Joon and Lee Hyori, are my “dongsengs” (like younger siblings). If I were them, I don’t think I would have forgiven myself. They are some really great people.”

He added, “Lee Hyori is one of the top celebrities, and rightfully so.”

Lee Hyori and Kim Gu Ra