Han Hyo Joo Donates $30,000 to the “Beautiful Foundation”

According to Newsen, actress Han Hyo Joo has donated a grand total of $30,000 to the “Beautiful Foundation.”

On June 21, Han Hyo Joo donated $10,000 to the Beautiful Foundation, a non-profit organization. Many senior citizens who live alone do not have fans or thin blankets for the summer. The Beautiful Foundation gives senior citizens these valuable items. The foundation began last year, and due to its success, was able to continue a second season. This month, Han Hyo Joo decided to give freely to the foundation.

Raised by her grandparents as a child, Han Hyo Joo has a soft spot for the elderly. She hand wrote a letter and drew a picture for the foundation, stating in the letter, “I’m a little embarrassed, but I hope that my donation will be able to help at least a few more people in need.”

In addition to the $10,000 she already gave, she donated an additional $20,000 to the foundation. She said this was to ensure that she could give on a regular basis, and called it the “Hyo Joo Fund.” The “Hyo Joo Fund” will also help neglected children experience culture through a series of projects.

Han Hyo Joo said, “I wish for my donation to help senior citizens through the summer, and I hope that children will be able to receive the benefits of cultural experiences.”

The actress not only has a beautiful face, but she also has a beautiful heart to match!